Saturday, October 24, 2020

In My TBR Stack:

Dying with Ease: A Compassionate Guide to Making Wiser End-of-Life Decisions
by Jeff Spiess, MD
Rowman & Littlefield

From the publisher's website:

We all know we are going to die, but live as though we don’t believe it. Rather than explore our options and consider the possibilities that can impact our final days, we ignore the idea altogether out of fear. By avoiding the topic of death, we increase the pain and grief we experience at the end of life, and the suffering of those left behind. 

After three decades of caring for the dying, Dr. Jeff Spiess argues that if we honestly face our mortality, we will make wiser decisions, die with less distress, and live the remainder of our lives, whether days or decades, more fully and with less anxiety. Using cultural and religious references alongside poignant narratives, this optimistic work informs, inspires, and challenges our cognitive and emotional understandings of our own lives and deaths.

Dying with Ease contains the practical nuts and bolts information about advance care planning, hospice, palliative care, and ethical and legal issues surrounding dying in America. Dr. Spiess answers such questions as: 

  • How can I plan for the last part of my life?
  • What options do I have if my suffering is unbearable?
  • What do religion and spiritual philosophy have to say about dying?
  • What does it feel like to die? 

While dying can be difficult, it can also be beautiful. By learning to relax in the face of death at our current stage of life, we can make wiser and more authentic decisions throughout the rest of our lives-- however long they may be.

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