Monday, September 15, 2014

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When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything
Heidi Siefkas
Trade Paperback

When you reach bottom there is nowhere to go but up.  Heidi Siefkas personifies that lesson in WHEN ALL BALLS DROP.  Not long after discovering that her husband may have cheated on her, Siefkas has her neck broken by a falling tree limb.  

Many people would have just given up at that point, become a victim and dissolve into a puddle of human misery, but Heidi Siefkas took a different road. She attacked her life in all aspects:  mental, physical and spiritual. 

It would have been easy for her to sink into a morass of anger and spitefulness, but the book is full of delightful humor and just enough quirkiness to endear her to the reader.  You really pull for this lady. Empathetic readers will find joy in her triumphs.

Many of us have many balls in the air on a constant basis.  We struggle mightily to keep them aloft so as not to suffer the fate of the fool.  Heidi Siefkas shows us how to handle adversity with humor, candor, and most importantly resilience. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys uplifting and honest memoirs and I look forward to the sequel.


  1. I feel honored that you said, "the book is full of delightful humor and just enough quirkiness to endear her to the reader." I share my story of tremendous loss in an uplifting way full of hope and quirky, sassy humor. Here's to looking up!

  2. I wanted to share BIG news that was unveiled about When All Balls Drop this week. Not only will it continue to inspire on the page, but it will inspire on screen. It's transitioning to film. Check out the news: